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Nazi Tucson… it’s a DRY hate…

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When my son was little, I would drive my son to school in the morning, then I’d switch the radio station from Radio Disney (I know, painful) to KPFK 90.7 to get my fill of what indecency is happening in the world today… Today I was not disappointed because there was a plethora of injustice just waiting to be heard.

 Living and growing up in Southern California, we are accustomed to sharing our neighborhoods with undocumented people… families… who have come here seeking a better way of life. My great grandfather came to this country from Italy for the same reason. He worked any job he could get, sent money back home, and eventually sent for his family to join him. He was a “wop” (without papers) and he deserved the same freedom to thrive that others born on this soil received.

 I believe that making it “illegal” to be undocumented has some serious flaws. Immigration laws don’t need to be enforced, they need to be changed! People need to be able to become registered! The crimes committed at the boarders in Arizona, and others, are not taking place because they are Mexican, but because they are poor. I get so pissed off about “white privilege” in this country and the blindness that white people have about it! It is the same as “heterosexual privilege” and “male privilege” and they are the ones making the laws! Wake up people!

 I am afraid for residents in Arizona… that they will not only be asked to commit racial profiling, but that it will be REQUIRED and they will be prosecuted if they don’t cooperate! I am also afraid for us… if we don’t speak up for others? Who will speak up for us?

 Maybe we should just turn the radio off… and go back to suburbia… and listen to Radio Disney? I choose to fight.



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