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Taking Time to be Present, in a Hot Pocket World

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Did you know that Minute Rice and Instant Oatmeal have absolutely no nutritional value? Not to mention the time value! Are we saying that it’s more important to move on to the next thing on our list? That our family is not worth more than 30 seconds in the microwave? How fast do we need to eat? A Hot Pocket has the potential to turn into molten lava in under a minute!

It just makes me laugh to think about how much innovation we have dedicated to technology over time, and the idea that it would make our lives easier… but easier is not necessarily better.

This country has a SERIOUS obesity, and food related diseases, problem. Look around people!

We have kids that spend absolutely NO time having dinner AT THE TABLE with other members of their family! It is SAD. Coincidentally, the acronym for the Standard American Diet. Ironic?

The dinner table is not a place to just consume food, especially nutrient void food. It is a place to come together. It is a ritual meant to unite one’s family. It is a place where we can share and reflect on our day. What did we offer to the world today? What did we learn from it? You don’t have to pray outloud, but you do need to teach your children to be grateful. To take a moment to be silent with each other…

As a child, I remember my dad saying, “Clean your plate… a lot of starving children in Africa wish they had what you have.” I remember thinking that they could HAVE these slimy green beans! But the memory I have of those moments now, is the familiarity of it. The ritual of setting the table all by myself. The feeling I had knowing that I had a place at that table. That I belonged…

So when you are rushing through your day, and just trying to get dinner on the table so you can get to the next thing… Remember that you are creating memories for your child, whether you are aware of it or not. Don’t you want to be present for them? Just take a moment to sit with them… and listen… even if it’s just to the sound of the moment.




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