Adventures of a Social Mom

A West Coast woman, living in the South… Living loving and laughing everyday

What’s your verse?

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“that the powerful play goes on, and YOU must contribute a verse…” what will your verse be?

When I have made impulsive decisions in my life, held back feelings and conversations because of guilt and shame, I have always said to myself, “oh, just another chapter in this book of life.” I literally see life that way! The Childhood chapter, the Rebellious Teenager chapter, the Mormon wife chapter, the Lesbian mom chapter, the escape to North Carolina chapter… if we don’t take chances in life, if we never know defeat, we can never truly know success, glory, happiness:) Some people like the merry-go-round, but it just goes around… no surprises. I like the roller coaster, up and down, scary and sometimes you stop breathing, white knuckles and sweaty palms! But screaming for joy makes me feel alive…


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