Adventures of a Social Mom

A West Coast woman, living in the South… Living loving and laughing everyday

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Antisocial media

Have you ever posted a profile? It takes the place of actually talking to someone about yourself. I guess it’s not so much as information about you, as it is more what You think about yourself. The ironic part is… Its not really who you are at all.
Communication is like 80% nonverbal, so how is this even possible? Who am I? I am a human being who is trying to be happy, and hopefully share that happiness with someone else. I make mistakes. I don’t always make the right choices, and sometimes I even fail. But I am strong and sensitive and want very much to make people smile. Sometimes I fall short and I try to right my wrong… But only if I’m given the chance.
So, my profile is this. Not always clean and tidy, but real. That’s all I can promise.