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Just some thoughts 

I went to the library today with the intention of bringing home a book on market research, or some topic of self improvement. I found myself reading poetry. As I started stacking books into my arms about “the writer within” and “the existence of God” I realized that this is the perfect analogy of my life. Searching for something, but not having a clear idea of what that thing is… Taking a path, only to change that path when it gets boring or uncomfortable. I stood in the aisle listening to the tick of the air conditioner, the buzz of the fluorescent light bulbs, and the smell of old books. I had new insight and a revelation… I accept myself for who I am and the paths I have chosen. 


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There is something worrisome about our future. We are raising children who are given whatever they want, whenever they want it. Not only are they given everything, nothing is asked OF them. They are not required to DO anything. When one isn’t asked to accomplish anything, one grows up believing they are not CAPABLE. Our dependent children are no ones fault but our own. Perpetuating the helplessness of a future society. This is the opposite of what just 2 generations ago believed. They thought we, as individuals working together, could change anything… Make a difference in our society. But somewhere along the line, what changed? Individual values? Culture? Everything is culture.